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The National Historical Museum was founded in the year 1955 . Here collections are primarily the historical materials from the middle of China districts and also few from the other local areas. Majority of them are from the take-over from the Ho Nan Museum when it moved to Taiwan in the 1956-1957 period, and from the hand-over by the Japanese after the Second World War. Among these historical materials are: copper utensils unearthed in the San Cheng, Fui Yuen and On yang areas in the Ho Nan Province, Mainland China; the string- pattern pottery of the Chin Dynasty dig-ups from the Lok Yang areas; the Green-Paint Pottery of the Han Dynasty, the Music and Dance Statues of the Six Dynasties, the art-craft of the Tang Dynasty, etc.With the allocation of fund by the government and the donations from more than 400 private collectors, contents of the Museum has been very much enriched. Besides, as a result of years hard work of Mr. Bao Jun Peng, the first head of the Museum, and his successors, it has now been developed into an establishment with a very solid foundation.
National Museum of History



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