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The consulate is situated on Hsiao Chuan Tou Hill, Lian Hai Road of Ku Shan area with 900 square meters. Its site lies on Ku Shan on North bank of Kaohsiung Port with altitude 30 meters from water surface. East, west and south side are neighboring on steep cliff, while north side is neighboring on Ku Shan. Seating on North, it faces south with its back near the mountain, and forms the terrain of water circulating at three sides. The opposite bank of straight south is Chichin Mountain and it stands far apart from the lighthouse on mountain facing each other and jointly guards Kaohsiung port. Its lay of land is strategically located with exquisite landscape and for the field of view, also it can look down at Kaohsiung port from the east side, and look far into Taiwan straits from the west side.
Former British Consulate


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