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Kinmen Island (金門島) is an island that exists from XiaMen of China in the place of a lot of kilometers. It is a region that Taiwan (Republic of China = ROC) rules though is on the tip of eyes and noses China. It is composed of islands of 12 such as Greater Kinmen Island and Lesser Kinmen Island. Taiwan defends Kinmen Island in preparation for Counteroffensive to a Chinese continent to the last, the military administration withers until 1992, and the cloth was withering though it became fierce battle ground by Chinese Civil War after do the defeat of Japan. It is opened in general and it crowds with the tourist now. However, because English hardly makes myself understood, it might be unsuitable for the independent tour.
Kinmen Island Map
This is Kinmen Island map using Google Map. Blue balloon icon is main island that Greater Kinmen Island(1), Lesser Kinmen Island(2) and XiaMen, China(3). Orange balloon icon is main tourist spots that Kinmen Airport(1), Shuitou ferry port(2), Manshan Observatory(3), Folk Cultural Village(4), Chukuang Tower(5), Kuningtou War Museum(6), Chuhshan(7) and Huchingtou War Museum(8). The expansion reduction can be done because of the interactive map. A detailed map of the surrounding area can be seen.
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