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The Pescadores (澎湖群島) are an archipelago off the western coast of Taiwan in the Taiwan Strait consisting of 90 small islands covering an area of 141 square kilometers. They are administered as Penghu County, Taiwan Province, Republic of China.
Penghu Island Map
This is Penghu Island map using Google Map. Blue balloon icon is main island that Penghu Island(1), Makung City(2) and Baisha Island (White Sand Island)(3), Fisherman Island(4), Wang-an Island (Hope Island)(5), Cimei Island (Seven Beauties Island)(6), and Hujing Island(7). Orange balloon icon is main tourist spots that Makung Airport(1), Makung Port, Ferry for Kaohsiung and Chiayi(2), MShun Cheng Gate(3), Tienhou Temple (Matsu Temple)(4), Penghu Aquarium(5), Bridge-tunnel(6), and Fenggui(7). The expansion reduction can be done because of the interactive map. A detailed map of the surrounding area can be seen.
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