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Tainan (台南) is the oldest town in Taiwan. Dutch fortified Zeelandia Fort(Anping Fort, 安平古堡) in present Tainan in the 17th first half (1624) of the century, the town of the Europe type was opened to Provintia town (present Ming Road), and Provintia Fort(Chihkan Tower, 赤崁楼) was built. Afterwards, Dutch was expelled by the Tei success in discernment in the latter half of the 17th century, and it prospered as a heartland of Cawa Taiwan. It is a big city in fourth (Taipei,Kaohsiung,Taichung,Tainan) in Taiwan now. It is known as a town where a lot of modern construction in the Japan rule age remains to the building mania.
Tainan Map
This is Tainan map using Google Map. Blue balloon icon is main transportation that Tainan Station(1), Tainan Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail(2), and Tainan Airport(3). Orange balloon icon is main tourist spots that Chihkan Tower (The Chamber of Red Hill)(1), Tainan Confucius Temple(2), City God Temple(3), Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple(4), Datianhou Temple(Residence of King of Ningjing)(5), Koxinga's Shrine(6), South Gate(7), East Gate(8), Wufei Temple (Temple of Five Concubines)(9), Old Camps of Wing 2 of the Japanese Infantry(10), Tainan Canal(11), Anping Fort, Remains of Taiwan City (Remains of Anping Fort)(12), and Erkunshen Fortress (Eternal Golden Castle)(13). The expansion reduction can be done because of the interactive map. A detailed map of the surrounding area can be seen.
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