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Orchid Island (蘭嶼) is a volcanic island that can be done by the magma's getting cold after the volcano explodes as well as Green Island. When the top in the mountain in the northwest of the island was compared with the evening sun, it was called old times "Red-headed Island (紅頭嶼)" from seeing like a red head. It was connected to Phalaenopsis back, and it was renamed to "Orchid Island". The mountain is counted the kind of flora and fauna by tropical forests and doesn't cut because of the high temperature and humidity. It is enclosed in the coral reef, and surroundings carry a lot of fish by the Black Current, and are the heavens of the sea fishing and diving.
Orchid Island Map
This is Orchid Island map using Google Map. Blue balloon icon is main transportation that Orchid Island Airport(1), Kaiyung Port (Ferry Port)(2), and Fugung Harbor (Taitung City)(3). Orange balloon icon is main tourist spots that Yehyin Village(1), Tungching Bay(2), Badai Bay(3), Read Head Rock(4), Warship Rock (Junjian Yan)(5), Twin Lions Rock(6), 玉女岩(7), Wukong Caves(8), Dragon Head Rock(9), Elephant's trunk rock(10), Climate observation point(11) and Nuclear waste preservation place(12). The expansion reduction can be done because of the interactive map. A detailed map of the surrounding area can be seen.
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