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Yilan (宜蘭) was a town with an unusual round rampart in Taiwan in the town that was able to have been done by the immigration of people of "Hakka" of the Fujian coming from at the 18th end of the century. The rampart is demolished now, and the great remainder is stopped as an old castle road. It is possible to turn easily round the viewpoint of Yilan by walking because it concentrates on in the old castle road and the circumference.
Yilan Map
This is Yilan map using Google Map. Blue balloon icon is main transportation that Yilan Station(1). Orange balloon icon is main tourist spots that Matsu Temple (Zhao-Ying Temple)(1), City God Temple(2), Bisia Gong(3), Stone monument of disregarding (Shenghou St.)(4), Stone monument of disregarding (Chungsheng St.)(5), Yilan Winery(6), Memorial Hall of Founding of Yilan Administration(7), 宜蘭監獄門庁(8), Wugu Temple (Five-Grain Temple)(9), Yilan Performance Hall(10), Jhongshan Park(11), Yilan Tourist Night Market(12), Yilan Confucius Temple(13), Lei-yin Temple(14), Taiwan Drama Museum(15), and 陳氏家廟鑑湖堂及落羽松林(16). The expansion reduction can be done because of the interactive map. A detailed map of the surrounding area can be seen.
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