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Taroko Valley (太魯閣渓谷) is an especially popular sightseeing spot also in Taiwan. The whole area is specified for Taroko National Park (太魯閣國家公園). It upheaves in the place in bottom of the sea that is the coral reef because of diastrophism, and the precipitous cliff where the marble is steep has been formed in old times of ancient times. Central Cross-Island Highway (中部橫貫公路) goes like the rapid stream's flowing, and sewing the cliff. Accommodations are enhanced, and there is a hot spring, too, if going to Tiansiang (天祥).
Taroko National Park Map
This is Taroko map using Google Map. Orange balloon icon is main tourist spots that Taroko National Park Traveler Center(1), Chang Chun Shrine(2), Ning-an Bridge(3), Cihmu house(4), Jhueilu Precipice(5), Jiuqudong(6), Lyushui(7), Tiansiang(8) and Wenshan(9). The expansion reduction can be done because of the interactive map. A detailed map of the surrounding area can be seen.
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